About TiteWad Filters

Titewad is JUST THE BEGINNING of a vision.  Our goal is to provide quality filters and supplies to our valued customers at a competitive price, through a dependable and customer-focused internet enterprise.

Titewad originated with an idea from a family that has a steep tradition in the autobody and automotive paint industry.  With over 100 years of combined experience, we have been involved in many facets of the automotive industry including auto body repair and painting, automotive paint and supply sales, paint booth sales, construction, and maintenance, and filter sales.

At Titewad, we are confident that there is a need for a value based internet supplier of air filters and filtration products. We believe our customers deserve a supplier that also offer excellent customer service, knowledge, and above all quality!  Our extensive involvement in the paint booth maintenance and repair sector of the automotive industry has given us a background to guarantee just those Close relationships with our quality suppliers such as AIR FLOW TECHNOLOGY™ allow us to offer the industry’s highest quality filters and supplies at the best prices.  After all, at Titewad, we know what it means to strive for the best value, not just the lowest price.